Odd appeal for women to go for 'good guys' is going viral

- A typed letter taped to a window is going viral. A tweet posted by Matt Pops Collins featuring the letter — which aims its anger squarely at women who apparently “fear the good guys” of the world and choose “scum” to love instead — had been retweeted just under 4,000 times in its first 12 hours online.

However, it appears the letter was first spotted on January 29.

Not only that but the tweet from Collins doesn’t feature a reply that was posted beside it. A Tumblr account under the name fenrufenrifenny posted the same image that Collins used, with the initial description of “presenting without comment.”

However the account, said to be run by a 20-year-old gamer and book lover named Megan, then posted a follow up image featuring a reply she had written taped on the wall beside the initial letter, “because,” as Megan wrote, “I couldn’t just let that sit there alone.”

The full text to the reply is included below, though the post notes that, when she “went out to see if the guy left a reply and both notes were gone. So either a CA took them down (interesting they were only taken down after I put mine up but anyway) or the guy took both of them down. Don’t you just love society.”


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