The Future Is Now - Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Future Is Now!

Gaming is possible for players of all abilities with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which will be available for sale later in 2018. The device has two large buttons that can be programed to fit your needs. It also has a range of joysticks, buttons and switches. 

Microsoft worked with AbleGamers and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation to make the device possible. 
Gamers can use their feet, even their chin, to operate the controller if needed. How much will it cost? Only $99.



The Future Is Now!

Light is all you need to charge your iPhone thanks to a Russian company that teamed up with Tesla. The limited edition iPhone X is plated in gold and can come with a solar charging panel. How much will it cost you? $4,600. The phone doesn't require sunlight -- any light will do. Only 999 of the model will be produced.

The Future Is Now!

You can track your time spent a degree. Instagram is working on a feature that will allow you to track how much time you spend on that app. A researcher was investigating and noticed the hidden feature in Instagram's coding. The chief executive officer of Instagram confirmed that the company is working on a "time spent" feature.

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