The Future Is Now - virtual reality jacket

The Future Is Now!

Virtual reality headsets are child's play compared to the Disney virtual reality suit. The vest is controlled by software, weighs around five pounds and inflates/deflates in 26 air compartments. It could be the future of gaming. 


The Future Is Now!

A Florida teen says her Apple Watch saved her life. She received one for Christmas and had mostly used it for Snapchat. She was attending church services with her family when she got a notification that her heart rate was abnormally high. It had spiked to 190! Her mother, a registered nurse, took her to a doctor. The teen was later admitted to the emergency room and blood tests showed she had suffered kidney failure with her organs functioning at only 20 percent. At 18 years old, she has chronic kidney disease but had no other symptoms. Doctors say the condition would've become worse if the watch had not sent her the initial notification.

The Future Is Now!

Animal rescues may have just been figured out by a guy in India. He spent six hours creating a drone that saved a dog who was stuck in a storm drain. The professional robotics maker was out on his morning walk when he heard a dog's cry. He went back to his laboratory and added a robotic arm to a giant drone. He had built both devices on his own and has now adopted the dog he rescued.

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