The Future Is Now - Google cell phone service

The Future Is Now!

People with visual impairments can enjoy the Instagram platform. The app will generate automatic descriptions using technology that scans the image to determine what it displays. Or you can personally enter your own "alternative text" for your photos, giving an even more custom detailed description for whoever or whatever comes across your photo in a screen reader.

The Future Is Now!

A Google-based cell phone service called Google Fi has actually existed since 2015 under the name Project Fi. The virtual network licenses use of other providers' cell service towers, much like how Cricket Wireless uses AT&T towers. Google Fi uses a mix of T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular service.
Google Fi is offering a price that customers will like, specifically, $20 a month for unlimited talk and text, plus $10/month per gigabyte of data, up to a maximum of $60, meaning the most you'll pay is $80/month. But if you only use 2 gigabytes of data each month, that's a $40 base phone bill.

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