The Future Is Now - drones with foldable arms

The Future Is Now

A way to free dogs from their fears of fireworks thanks to a noise-canceling kennel prototype designed by Ford. It features sound-absorbing panels and an automatic sliding door that lets your pet escape the commotion and lock out any noise. The availability for these kennels has not been announced.

The Future Is Now

Robots deliver food and pick up trash but now in San Francisco, Tally the robot is making sure store merchandise is where it is supposed to be. Because of a brand new sporting goods store in that city, stocking shelves is rather cumbersome. Store employees say Tally is quite a hit with customers, operating much like a Roomba vacuum cleaner. Tally maps out its location and uses cameras and barcode readers to keep inventory in order. 

The Future Is Now

Drones are the first to respond to disaster zones and one model can fold up its arms, allowing it to squeeze into spots where humans might have trouble. Researchers at the University of Zurich mirrored the drones' movements after birds. They hope the drones can help with earthquake sites or situations like the soccer team that was stuck in a cave for days in Thailand. Researchers have not explained if the drones can navigate water.

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