School so populated that drone captures class photo

- Getting over 1,000 elementary school kids to pose for a group picture is akin to herding cats, especially when it is outside on a pretty day and they are wired like Lilly Jones and her friends from Mrs. Ward's third grade class.

"We're so excited!," squeal Lilly and the rest of the group.

For the picture, every West University Elementary School student had to wear either a red, white or blue shirt.  They lined up on the softball field in and formed an American flag. The group photo was part of a larger President's Day effort, complete with a choir, presentation of the colors and short biographies of the Presidents. Not much to get kids all that excited, right? But then enter the was a drone from a company called Video Robot taking pictures and video from 300 feet in the air. It was a first for operator Adam Johec.

"We haven't done any school photos like this before which is really awesome." said Johec.

The drone is more than just a stunt. It's the only way to get high enough to get everyone in the shot. The school has become a magnet for parents and hence, their children. In 2009, the school finished a renovation and expansion. The population jumped by 100 the following year. It keeps on growing and growing. It's up to 1,300. This may be West University, but the campus still relies on portable classrooms.

It's going to be tough to top having your whole school photographed and recorded on video by drone, So how are they going to top this next year? Satellite photo maybe? That's just crazy talk, right?

"We have parents here who were astronauts here before," said Principal John Threet. "So we're hoping  maybe they'll come back and we can arrange something from the space station." Now THAT would be cool.

If you want to view the drone images,  visit

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