Powerball Losers Want Your Money

Some people know how to joke around. At least this GoFundMe campaign comes across as a joke. Like the rest of us, the family of six didn't win the huge $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot.

Surprise? Definitely not. However, this may come as a little surprise, a shock if you will--they want you to kick them a few bucks because they lost. And by a few, they mean $150 million bucks.

While most GoFundMe accounts are for serious matters, theirs is more of a laughing one. After all, this is what the mother said they would do with the money donated...

"We will use the funds to quit our jobs and promote world peace by spreading baked goods and bear hugs throughout the neediest parts of the world, and reuniting the original cast of Gilmore Girls for a full-length season return to television."

Check out the family's entire GoFundMe request.


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