Parents balance Halloween, World Series Game 6

Sure it was fun cheering the Houston Astros during World Series Game 5 until the wee hours of Monday morning, but as the sun came up, Astros fans who are also parents had a moment of clarity that perhaps others did not. How do you balance trick or treating with watching the game? 

Here's the lineup: Game 6 begins just after 7 p.m. Tuesday central time. That makes it hard to take the younger ones trick or treating before it gets dark. That means the game starts during prime trick or treating time. This creates certain logistical and perhaps, marital problems.

"We're going to have to stagger out trick or treating for sure," said Jessica Clifton. "We are not going to miss the game."

"I love the shift idea," said another mother. "I might just stay at home and let my husband do the whole trick or treating.” 

I asked a dad named Jaime Cazares about how he was going to handle it.

“Baby, do we have to do Halloween?," asked Cazares, turning to his wife. "Do we? Look she's ignoring me. I guess we are going to go trick or treating but I'm going to stream the game on my phone."

That may be a way to handle the "away game' part of the problem. but what about when you are home? 

"What are you going to do when trick or treaters come to your house?," I asked Kay Pearce.

"Give them candy?," replied Pearce.

"Stop watching the game?," I asked.

"Put a TV in the front yard?," asked Pearce.

But then again, it's entirely possible that we as parents might be overthinking this...

"What's more important, winning or Halloween?," I asked a boy named Kaylan, who was already wearing his Spider-Man costume.

"Astros winning!" replied Kaylan without hesitation.

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