Women & children scammed out of Astros tickets

- "It's was just a disaster", says Carhonda Brown, who brought her eight kids to Saturday's Astros game, but never got inside to actually watch it.

Sarah's House, a shelter for women and children in Pasadena, was promise free tickets to Saturday's game, if in exchange the people attending gave a man all of their free bobble heads that were being handed out that day.

They got to the meeting place outside of the Diamond Club and waited there in the rain for three hours. The man never showed and dozens of women and children did not get to attend the game. Many having never been to one before.

Millie Edwards, executive director for Sarah's House says, "we waited for over three hours and he said well wow so much is going on I'll meet you there let me call you back. I call him back and he said, well there is a problem, we are out of bobble heads, I said with all due respect I do appreciate you considering Sarah's House but my concern is not the bobble heads and he told me, well I am".

Edwards son in-law called the man asking what was going on. Clarke Isenhower says, "he left the impression through multiple conversations that he does this multiple times through the Astros and that it's a promotional thing and in return for the bobble heads he was handing out he would give everyone tickets, which sounds kind of suspicious as we heard about it, learned more about it and researched more about it but at the time, someone willing to do something nice for some people in need is a nice thing and so we were excited about the opportunity to go to the game".

The parents were of course upset but say it was hard explaining to all the children that their dream of going to an Astros game wasn't going to happen that day.

Brown says, "you know it was something they were expecting and really looking forward to and we didn't get that goal accomplished".

FOX 26 News did reach out to the man who says he feels bad about what happened and that he plans on giving the folks at Sarah's House free tickets in the future as well as pay for their parking. Upon hearing what happened the Astros organization stepped up and said they too would donate tickets to a game for everyone that did not get to go.

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