Woman spreads awareness after being jailed for at-home injection parties

“I already had a big butt, but I got it popped out here a pop out here. The prospective that I had at the time was, I’m going to get the look. Oh that’ll be so cute if I get this look. That was the stupidest thing I ever did.” CC Foster just served five years behind bars for participating in at-home injection parties.

“We Googled it. And we searched it out and we looked for it,” Foster said.

The product doesn't come with any warnings.

“I already had big breasts and big bottom. And a lot of the women that are participating in these parties, like my friends and I, they already had a lot going on,” Foster said.

All of her friends would pitch in a few hundred dollars each for the product.  “All of us had money. And that's what's crazy. A lot of people in society like to think ‘oh this is just low class people that are doing this’ and that is not true,” she said.

And one party hosted at CC’s salon outside of Dallas, someone brought a friend. They let her throw in some cash to participate. But when that woman got sick from her injections, C.C. got busted.

“The same thing could happen to anybody.  Someone takes something and they have a allergic reaction and next thing you know you're in jail.

And that's when she realized how many women would take a short cut to get the body that they wanted.

“I spoke with a lot of guards that were asking me ‘what did you do, I want to do it, I want to do it.’ Jailers, and different women, and different people that I came in contact with. Seeing that I’m in prison and it's still not waking them up,” Foster said.

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