Woman says severely-ill dog suffered for 21 days on shelter floor

- His name is Kringle and he was at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter for 21 days, based on kennel records.

“At one point, I believe he was in the adoption area,” says shelter director Aaron Johnson.

“We had only determined a single injury to the hind end of the animal and had started it on pain medication and anti-inflammatory and antibiotics at that point,” says shelter veterinarian Jordan Gentry. But kennel records show the dog was not provided with medication during his first five days there.

Suzanne Oehring says she has pulled 60-to-75 dogs out of the shelter. She removed Kringle on Monday after reading a volunteer's post about his horrific condition.

On Tuesday, she took Kringle to the Bear Branch Animal Hospital in The Woodlands.

“The doctor would be very surprised if he was going to last more than a day or two,” says Oehring. “He was very concerned that he was sent out for neuter surgery in the condition the dog was in.”

But Dr. Gentry says he saw no problem having Kringle neutered.

Kringle died on Wednesday morning from a variety of health issues that include possible distemper.

“He had a several inch hole in his lung, both lungs were filled with blood and his heart was several inches out of his chest cavity,” adds Oehring.

“They have made a diagnosis on a post-mortem exam that’s a much easier proposition than a live animal," says Dr. Gentry.

The shelter says it now has an X-ray machine which should improve diagnosing dogs on intake.

“We’re hoping to have all the tools so these type of things don’t happen,” says Johnson.

“We have every right to demand if this is the last stop for that dog’s life, that they’re treated with dignity and respect and I don’t feel they are when more are coming out of there sicker than when they went in,” says Oehring.

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