Woman recieves multiple 'government phones' per day addressed to other people

- Imagine walking to your mailbox for a full month and finding new cellphones arriving time and time again, but they're not for you.

Becky Glass says, "it's disturbing to think that someone is using my address as a cover up or somebody's just not doing their job. I don't know what to think of it."

Since the end of December, Glass has received two dozen Budget Mobile cellphones in the mail at her home in Montgomery County. They all have her address, but different individuals names on them.

Budget Mobile is a prepaid phone service that specializes in providing service to low income individuals. It's what some commonly refer to as government phones.

"We pay for that. Everybody that has a cell phone, I called my company and found out that yes we pay for those phones in our taxes," says Glass.

Becky and her friends have tried to figure out why she's been receiving the phones over the last month.

What's even worse - she's been reading comments after posting her issue on social media. Some have warned her it's a scam and her house could be a drop spot for thieves or terrorist hoping to retrieve the phones at some point. 

That has left Becky's husband taking precautions with the phones that just won't stop coming.  The most recent arrived Wednesday.

Fox 26 news placed a called to Budget Mobile, and we're told they're looking into the issue and hope to resolve it.

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