Woman allegedly raped & robbed wants answers

- A woman who did not want to be identified stands outside of an apartment complex where three months ago, she says she was allegedly raped, robbed and held captive for eight hours.

She recalls what happened when a woman knocked on her door, "she sounded terrified I looked and I couldn't see who it was, I didn't even see him and from me knowing her previously I was like maybe she is in trouble".

Right after the woman and another man broke into her apartment.

The victim says, "the guy, he ended up sexually assaulting me at my apartment for about an hour and a half".

The two suspects allegedly made the woman drive them to her bank Wells Fargo and then to a nearby What-A-Burger for food.

She says they then wanted to go back to her apartment, "it was just a very terrifying moment, I was sitting there praying, hoping that he wouldn't shoot me".

About eight hours later a friend of the woman knocked on her door, the male suspect opened it and fired several rounds at the man at the door. Shortly after, the two suspects left. The next day the woman who lived in the apartment moved out and now she wants help finding the people that did this to her.

Quanell X wants to help, "this is a crime that is repugnant, it is vile and we hope that our community will stand up and turn them in".

"I'm always looking in the rear view mirror worried if that person...they are going to show up", for now she says she is extra cautious everywhere she goes.

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