Will Trump tap Texans for cabinet?

- After decades firmly in Republican "red" Texas can offer Donald J. Trump plenty of Conservative talent.

What remains to be seen is how much Lone Star flavor the 45th president will add to his leadership team.

"I think Trump needs some Texans in the cabinet because I think he needs to heal some rifts in Texas politics. He has under-performed here in comparison to past presidential candidates," said Brandon Rottinghaus, political analyst at the University of Houston.

"If we are thinking about Texans who are going to be at the very top, Rick Perry jumps out as somebody who seems destined to be part of a Trump cabinet," said Mark Jones, political analyst at Rice University.

And the long-serving former governor appears eager to sign on, tweeting in response to a Trump summons, "Saddle up and ride Bro".

As a rancher and former U.S. Air Force pilot who shepherded a booming state economy, Perry could be tapped to lead Agriculture, Commerce or a role especially vital to Trump: Veteran's Affairs.

"I don't know what position they will offer him, but he would obviously be terrific with the Vets," said Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who has also been mentioned as a possible Trump appointee.

"In the end you do have to make government work, so he needs fellow Republicans who have expertise and can make large governmental bureaucracies work. Rick Perry, governor of Texas for 14 years, clearly has that capacity," said Jones.

Also at the center of speculation is Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, the well-regarded chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

"He needs someone who he can trust, but also someone who can get things done and McCaul has been somebody who has shown he has the ability to do that,'" said Rottinghaus.

 "He has expertise in Congress. He's from a border state in Texas where he really knows what's going on on the US-Mexico border. The question remains, Is that a position that Michael McCaul wants?" said Jones against the back drop of discussion that the Congressman is considering a U.S. Senate bid.

Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling of Dallas is on most short lists as a possible Trump choice to head the Treasury.

State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who jumped on the Trump train early, is also being mentioned, as is Dallas billionaire banker and Trump economic advisor Andy Beal.

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