Judge orders temporary injunction against White Oak Music Hall in noise battle

- A judge has ordered a temporary injunction against White Oak Music Hall in an ongoing battle over noise from outdoor concerts.

White Oak Music Hall issued a statement saying the judge's order will not affect any of their planned outdoor concerts:

We have not had time to thoroughly review the judge's order, but it does not affect our announced concerts. As such, the Pixies and Randy Rogers shows outside will continue as planned, as will all of our indoor shows and events at Raven Tower.  However, any injunction against White Oak Music Hall is a blow to anyone who supports live music in Houston or the revitalization of the Northside neighborhood.  The handful of residents opposed to 9 hours of live music a month may be reaping the benefits, but there are tens of thousands of other Houstonians — both near and far from the venue — who ultimately lose out.  The good news is that the case is set for trial on May 15, and we expect this case to be resolved quickly.


A YouTube video posted by a neighbor gives you a little taste of what neighbors say they've been enduring since the White Oak Music Hall moved inloud music clearly audible from blocks away. Some other neighbors have banded together and are suing to get the court to hit the mute button.

“Our kids are unable to sleep. Our neighbors are unable to sleep. There's parking problems. There's congestion. We can go down the list. We'll be here a lot longer.” said Brett Clanton.

He says he lives three blocks away. The hall originally started as just an indoor venue, but they've been granted permits to hold outdoor events.

“The city has issued permits and the city is mistaken for that. That is not a defense to invading the homes of those people and that's what we're here to discuss. That's a totally different issue," said plaintiffs’ attorney Chris Feldman.

Attorneys for the hall weren't commenting, but one of the owners did issue a brief albeit lukewarm statement outside the courtroom.

“The White Oak Music Hall is supported by a variety of neighborhood groups. Residents, businesses, musicians, music fans. Today is just a preliminary hearing. We hope to go to trial as soon as possible,” said Johnny Tso.

He's not entirely wrong. A number of  neighbors are singing a different tune,  telling us they like the venue. In another YouTube video a neighbor is delighted he gets a free concert from his front porch.

But for those who've  filed suit, it's not music but a bunch of loud sour notes.

“We've been making the same argument for months now and we're still in the same place.”  said Clanton.

The hearing will determine of the venue can host outside events until the trial. No trial date has been set yet.

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