What's Killing You? hepatitis, seeds, and puppies

- When it comes to your survival, you now need to give the side-eye to seeds, puppies, and Hepatitis A.

In San Diego, 16 people died from Hepatitis A and at least 420 more are infected. The virus spreads after infected people go to the bathroom and don't rinse off properly, then go and share food, have sex, or get close to an uninfected person. So, go wash your hands.

In other news, one man got cyanide poisoning from eating apricot kernels. Turns out he was self-prescribing them as an alternative medicine for his prostate cancer. Lucky for him doctors figured it out. Other fruit seeds can also can break down into cyanide. So stay away from the seeds – stick to the fruit.

Know what else you need to stay away from? It’s heartbreaking to say it but… puppies. Around 40 people across several states have become sick from pet-store pups carrying infectious bacteria.  Symptoms in animals can be mild. But for humans, symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, pain and fever. No fun.

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