What to do if your car is ever submerged in water

- Cameras worn for Sugar Land police officers show a car sinking fast in a local lake. You can see the officers jumping in and trying to break the glass of the window. I witness called 911 saying that they saw the woman jumped the curb near Meadow-Croft and Westcott and land in the water. Later the woman told officer she accidentally fell asleep at the wheel.

“Sugar Land officers that save this person’s life kudos to you great work we are very proud of you”, says Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen.

Constable Rosen says you should brace yourself if you’re ever found in a similar situation. “If you can roll down the windows immediately because you have about three minutes before you loose power but you should brace yourself, you should hold your hands at basically 9 and 3 so that if the airbag deploys open impact to prevent your hands if you were holding them different from flying back, hitting you in the face and potentially could knock you out”, says Constable Rosen.

He also says if your windows not down, break it as soon as possible. “Improvise and use you known your car seat, take your car seat off, use your seatbelt and if nothing use kick the window out as hard as you can”, says Constable Rosen.

Luckily the woman involved in the accident was not injured. One of the officers was treated for minor injuries.

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