What Harris County officials want all of us to know as Harvey approaches

- "The worst case scenario seems for it to go inland south of us Friday and have five days of solid rain," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. "And when you talk about that much rain over that period of time, we all know we've got streets and homes that flood."

Emmett wants to make it clear, right now there is no need to consider leaving town.

"This is not an evacuation event unless something dramatically changes in the next 48 hours," the county judge said.

But this could be a flood event unlike nothing we've ever seen since Allison in 2001.

"There are areas that could flood that have never flooded before," Emmett said.

"The city is the Bayou City for a reason. All the streets turn into bayous," said HFD Station 11 Captain Kirk Tolliver.

Station 11 specializes in water rescues during storms. The main reason for most water rescues during storms the captain says is people driving through flooded roads.

"It's always been a big issue people will see water and they think 'my car can make it' they don't realize there's that much of a depression in the road and before too long they're in a foot or more of water which drowns out their motor and they're trapped there," Tolliver said.

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