WATCH: Killer bees attack, almost destroy drone

- It was a battle between nature and machine, resulting in some pretty wild video.

"I thought they were going to just be honey bees, ma'am that was the rudest awakening I ever had in my life," said Claude Griffin of Gotcha Pest Control in Richmond.

When Griffin responded to the call about a bee infestation at the Alameda Civic Center, he quickly realized he'd need extra hands.

"I called some backup, some bee boys," Griffin said, "and my friend said 'hey why don't we shoot some drone video of the situation'."

Griffin has never used a drone to capture a bee situation. The results were some incredible footage, but it's what the camera couldn't catch that caught Griffin off guard.

"They all came out at once," explained Griffin, who estimated the swarm to be just under a million African Killer Bees, "and they grabbed that drone. They snatched it like it was the ice cream man."

That's when the battle began. "They decide to take one side, and grab it, and beat it," exclaimed Griffin, smacking his hand to show the force of the swarm on the drone.

Next, Griffin says the bees, "were taking their legs and plowing the side, just plowing it, and all the pollen would stick to the side." Griffin mimed several karate kicks to demonstrate what he called the smack-down moves of the angry bees.

"You're talking about pitting the paint - bam! Bam, bam! All of a sudden the drone goes really high, and then down, then my friend says 'Claude I think they're killing the drone!'"

While these African Killer Bees put up a fight against the drone, they were no match for Claude's team. Despite a number of stings, Griffin says they were able to capture the bees and transport them to a new home far away from people and drones.

A reminder from Griffin and his team - do not try this at home! Drone footage was captured by Rob Buchanan at "Streamwerks Media" in Katy.

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