Was that fake? - Whataburger beer

Was That Fake?

Is Whataburger collaborating with Shiner on a custom beer called "Whatabeer"?  Perhaps you've seen an image floating around of a bottle of "Whatabeer" which does appear to be a branded ad for it. Was that fake? Yes. We spoke to a representative for Shiner. They say while they love Whataburger, this was the work of a hopeful, dedicated fan. So it's not real, but we asked if this maybe inspired them to think about it. He said nothing's ever ruled out, and that if you ever have ideas for Whataburger, that they invite you to hit up their Facebook page and let them know. So, maybe someday. The artistic mind behind the ‘Whatabeer” graphic is Dallas-based designer Mark Fallis, who includes the image among a number of examples of his brand design skill on his website, www.fallisdesign.com.

Was That Fake?

Our next item ties to today's death of a Disney World employee. There's a rumor first heard years ago that no one has ever died at a Disney park before. This has been discussed many times over the years. There are plenty of reports of people dying from injuries or incidents that happened at Disney Parks, but many of them were pronounced dead at the hospital. So, they arguably could have been still alive on property. That aside, in 2010 a boy was killed by a Disney bus while riding his bike at one of the park's resorts, and there was a report by an Orlando news station that he was pronounced dead on property. So that'd mean yes, someone has died on Disney property. As for rumors the park makes an effort to remove bodies before they are declared dead, that remains a controversial mystery.

Was That Fake?

Is the government required to detain 34,000 people at a time? This rumor stems from a statement by the highly-talked about democratic congressional candidate in New York, who's leading calls to abolish the Department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. She claimed that ICE was the only enforcement agency in the US with a bed quota, requiring them to fill 34,000 detainee beds every night. Where'd she get those numbers? Politifacts took this claim on, and points out that this was brought up before, back in 2014. The Homeland Security secretary at the time pointed out that law requires them to maintain 34,000 beds, but never says they have to maintain 34,000 people in those beds.

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