Was that fake? - penguins living on trash island

Was that fake?

Did President Trump really show a trailer of what life could be like if North Korea got along with the US? A cell phone clip of the video is going around, with people saying "this can't be real". W have yet to see any proof otherwise, or any comment from the White House shooting it down. It even has the White House emblem in the corner of the screen. It seems the president went for visuals to give Kim a picture of what life would be like if he became a "hero of his people".

Was that fake?

Is Domino’s really paving potholes? Pictures of fresh pavement with the Domino’s logo sprayed on it are going around. Is it real? Yes, it is. Dominos is running a campaign where you can nominate your town or road for repair grants, under the guise that they don't want "bad potholes to ruin good pizza" by causing delivery drivers to bump around en route. You can go to pavingforpizza.com to nominate Houston.

Was that fake?

Is there a family of penguins living on an island entirely made of plastic and trash? That's what people are seeing in the video going around. Soda bottles, trash, iced over into a literal waste land. Is it fake? It is, but with purpose. A Facebook post from the World Wildlife Foundation explains the video was made to demonstrate how bad things could get if we don't stop polluting the ocean. It's estimated there will soon be more plastic in the sea than creates in our lifetime. Companies from Royal Caribbean to SeaWorld are doing away with plastic straws in an effort to help. So, not real video, but a real problem.

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