Was that fake? - Nude gym

Was That Fake?

This first story was a hot topic all through the holiday—a nude gym in New York. Is it fake? Nope. A celebrity gym is offering a “Skintimate” fitness class to kick off 2018. Hanson Fitness in New York plans to host three nude training sessions a week – one for men, one for women, and one co-ed. If you're not down with working out in the buff, nude-colored underwear is permitted. The gym says working out naked keeps you cooler, releases endorphins, increases body awareness and gives you unrestricted movement. Plus, hey, less laundry!

Was That Fake?

Speaking of no clothes—there's a story circulating about a teacher being fired for passing out porn to 6th graders. Did it really happen? Yes, but the so-called "porn" was art. A local paper in Utah says this was an art teacher who bought a set of 100 post cards with classical art to give students. But he claims he didn't realize a couple of them had nudity. Someone filed a porn complaint. Some parents and students are upset that he got let go, but a parent told the paper it was more what he said after kids complained, apparently telling them to grow up.

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