Was that fake? - NFL players demand activism month

Did NFL players demand white fans be forced into activism? Not so fast. You may have Seen this Freedom Daily article making the rounds. It popped up this weekend -- saying players sent a letter demanding the league make November all about protesting American cops and oppression. They based this on a memo players sent NFL leader Roger Goodell. But the actual memo -- never said that. It asked if November could be a "month of unity", wanting to expand past the anthem protests to focus on the bigger picture. They asked if players could get support for some community service, focused on criminal justice reform and police relations. So, was this fake? The real memo was published by Yahoo back in September. So yeah, it looks like Freedom Daily—who's known for inaccurate reporting—was trying to get people stirred up as November neared.

A video you may have seen today on Facebook of a kid getting struck by lightning is so crazy that some are saying it's fake, but it's not. It happened in Argentina. The bolt is real, but it didn't hit him. It struck the fence just a few feet back. Still, it knocked mom off her feet while filming. So no, not fake, but a big reminder not to mess with lightning.

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