Was that fake? - New Titanic

Was that fake?

Is there a new Titanic? There are articles going around saying Titanic 2 could sail by 2022. It is said to be a perfect replica of the ship, plus some key upgrades – like better radar. But Slate spoke to the guy behind the project, which he launched in 2012 with a 2016 sail date. Turns out, no one is building it yet and this guy's been busy doing stuff like forming a political party named after himself in Australia, getting elected to Parliament, not showing up much for Parliament, now running a "Make Australia Great" campaign, buying a resort, failing to build a massive animatronic dinosaur park, and some of his partners in the Titanic project apparent ran off with investments. So long story short – the idea technically has a team behind it, but judging from the progress, don't hold your breath.

Was that fake?

Are Texas women banned from voting? Perhaps you've seen the meme going around blaming voter ID law. It claims if your name doesn’t match on license and birth certificate, you either need marriage papers or can't vote. According to the Texas Secretary of State, different names on voter roll and ID does get you flagged, but clerks are trained to know how to spot and handle things like legal name change.

Was that fake?

Do people really scatter human ashes at Disney World? Rumors have gone around for more than a decade. The Wall Street Journal says it's true – it happens monthly. It has the code name "HEPA cleanup", referring to the vacuum filter needed for fine particles. A custodian told them the Haunted Mansion probably has so much human ash it's not even funny. But don't get ideas. It's illegal, and you won't like what happens when you're caught sprinkling something in the water on a ride.

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