Was that fake? - man gets privates stuck in a weight at gym

- Was that fake?

Man gets his privates stuck in weight at gym and firefighters had to be called. This one is true. The dude stuck it in the hole of a 5.5 pound weight in Germany and the firefighters posted the proof. They threw up the shot on Facebook  captioned,  "please do not imitate!"  Because, you  know, you may want to prove how much "it" can bench? This guy was probably rethinking his life when they had to use a grinder and hydrosaw to free his  "gentleman bits."  The whole ordeal took three hours and all of this dude's pride.

Woman fakes a seizure to avoid being robbed on train. This one’s true and her inspiration is the best  part.
Julie Dragland was on a train in San Francisco and someone behind her passed her a note reading, "There are two guns pointed at you now. If you want to live, hand back your wallet and phone now. Be discreet. Do not turn around until after you have left civic center... You will live."  Julie says she mouthed the word “help” to a guy in front of her, but he just got off the train.  So that's when she says she remembered a scene from Law and Order and faked a seizure.

Did Kevin Durant really use fake Twitter accounts to defend himself against haters? This one's a maybe at best, because it's complicated. Twitter user @harrisonmc15 tweeted screenshots. Yesterday, someone tweeted at Durant saying, "Give me one legit reason for leaving OKC other than getting a championship."  Durant replied “he didn't like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan”, and "KD can't win a championship with those cats." The use of third person led people to say “hey, did KD just try to tweet like he wasn't himself?” Like he meant to do it from a fake account -- but forgot to log out of his own account. Others say someone who runs his social for him forgot they were still on his account. We don't know, and the tweets have since been deleted. File under: awkward.

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