Was That Fake? - Las Vegas shooting stories

With almost 48 hours since the Las Vegas deadly mass shooting, many questions remain as do false facts. Some of the stories shared are fake.

Almost immediately after news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas broke, prank accounts started sharing images of the "shooter," but the guy in those photos is actually comedian Sam Hyde, causing internet trolls to toss his face out as fake news after every mention of the shooting.

Did a mystery woman warn people in the Route 91 Harvest Festival audience about the shooting before it happened? Not exactly. A witness said in a live interview she heard a woman scream, "You're going to die!" a short time before bullets struck the crowd. That headline spread like wildfire, but that witness has since backtracked a bit, saying the woman got into some sort of fight with another woman and the threats were likely directed at her, but not a warning of a mass shooter.

Was the shooter spotted at an anti-Trump rally in Reno back in August? According to YouTube uploader Steven Haffley, yes. But he's just starting rumors. You can watch the entire conspiracy theory if you want and perhaps watch and try to see if you agree whether it's suspect Stephen Paddock. Just know at this point that no facts support that Paddock was at that rally. Investigators still say there's been no signs of pro- or anti- anything with this guy. They have a lot more questions than answers on why he did what he did.

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