Was that fake? - illegal immigrants receiving food stamps

Was that fake?

A post that's been going around the Houston area has a warning about shaving your pets in the summer. It has a photo, saying it is a thermal image of a dog and showing the shaved part as much hotter than the fur. The post suggests shaving your dog in summer is dangerous.

So, is this fake? We did some research. Dog fur is not like human hair, it's function is different. As Dogs Naturally Magazine points out, their hair can actually reflect the sun, while capturing cool air closer to the body. Also, dogs can get sunburn. If you shave them, you are often exposing skin that's not used to the harsh rays. Actually, you should be putting sunscreen on your pup if they'll be outside a long time, on exposed spots like bellies and faces. If you don't have a sunscreen designed for dogs, several experts recommend a children's "broad spectrum" sunscreen from the drug store.


Was that fake?

Are 43 percent of food stamp recipients illegal immigrants? This is a claim that's been traced back as far as 2012. It's being included in a post from clashdaily.com's Doug Giles, among other stats on illegal immigrants. We'll stick with this one fact for now. Is it fake?

It is illegal to receive benefits if you are not a legal resident of the United States, but let's go by the numbers. The total number of people last year on U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program? 42 million. The total people here illegally last year? Upwards of 11 million, according to Pew Research. We could argue it might be more, that getting that count accurate is a challenge, but if we go with 11 million and assume every one of them is receiving benefits, that's only 26 percent.

Now, a number of other stats on this post reference California, so we looked at those numbers. In 2015, California had almost 4.5 million monthly food stamp recipients, according to the USDA. Their illegal immigrant population that same year was estimated around 2.3 million by Pew Research. So in theory, this stat could be possible -- in California, but the poster does not clarify that it's about California and does not provide any sources for any of the statistics in the post. Something to watch for when trusting facts online.

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