Was That Fake? Gas masks for mosquito spraying & Hillary laughs at Irma

- Were we required to wear gas masks during mosquito spraying because of potential brain damage?


You may have seen a warning to use gas masks during post-Harvey mosquito spraying -- to protect yourself from a neuro-toxic insecticide that "causes brain damage".

The truth here is that the insecticide being used can be considered a neuro-toxin.

But, the amount being sprayed is not harmful to humans or pets.


Did Hillary Clinton really laugh about Hurricane Irma wiping out all those "Florida Hilbillies?"
The story says that while recording a segment for Rachel Maddow, Clinton was caught on tape saying: "It would probably be good for the country if Irma were to just wipe every Florida Hillbilly off the map. I mean, they live in trailers by the water, right?"
But the story says the tape is not being released -- red flag.
The story was also posted on a Facebook page called "As American As Apple Pie," which has a disclaimer that reads: "Nothing on this page is real. It is a collection of the satirical whimsies of liberal trolls masquerading as conservatives. You have been warned." 


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