Was that fake? - gas for $10 a gallon

Was that fake?

Did Ivanka Trump change the name of her clothing line to help boost sales? Several tweets are being shared claiming the line's new name is “Adrienne Vittadini”. Is this fake? Ok, this one is tricky.  Some clothes from Ivanka’s line have ended up in discount stores with the Adrienne label, but this isn't uncommon. "Swiping labels" happens all the time when high end items end up on the sale rack.  If the same company owns both brands, they have the power to do some re-branding if they'd like.  So it's true that you may find her clothing with a different tag inside.  As for why? She hasn't said.

Was that fake?

Are people wearing bugs as jewelry? Bedazzled beetles –  all decked out in gold and gems? A video on Facebook went viral showing the bejeweled bugs. Some even come with tiny gold leashes. Don't want your jewelry walking off? Well, don't get these. This is real. Apparently it’s a type of jewelry made and worn in Mexico. We've seen newspaper references to jeweled bugs as far back as 1887. Butt some people are slamming this as cruelty.

Was that fake?

We know our gas prices have been getting high, but are Californians paying nearly $10 a gallon? A picture has been shared on Facebook nearly 200,000 times. But it's fake! The highest gas in California doesn't exceed $4 right now.  It’s not clear if the picture was Photoshopped or if some pranksters really changed this sign's numbers.

Was that fake?Did a twin really fill in for his sick brother on picture day? People are loving this tweet sharing and re-haring everywhere. And, yes, it really happened. They are brothers in South Carolina. Marcus called his brother the Greatest of All Time for dropping the smile and taking a more serious picture for him when he had to miss picture day.

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