Was that fake? - fajita theft

Was that fake?

Was a Texas man sentenced to 50 years for stealing more than a million dollars worth of fajitas? Yes, he was. Gilberto Escamilla worked at a juvenile detention center. For nine years, he used county funds to buy fajitas then sell them for his own profit. What gave him away? A delivery driver called the detention center to let them know about an 800-pound delivery of fajitas. They told him they don’t serve fajitas. The driver said he'd been bringing them fajitas for almost a decade.


Was that fake?

Hashtag “boycott Yeti" was trending today. Headlines claim the company that makes coolers and insulated cups, was the latest to sever ties with the NRA. But is this fake? Well, it depends on who you believe, because there's a couple different versions of this story floating around. The NRA allegedly sent an email to members, informing them Yeti no longer wished to do business with them. But Yeti claims they're words are being twisted.  They say they simply told the National Rifle Association they were doing away with outdated discounting programs, but claim they offered the NRA an alternative program. So for now, this story seems more confusing than actually fake.


Was that fake?

Has Penn State University ruled it's too risky for an outdoor club to go outside? This sounds like satire, but it's actually true. The Penn State Outing Club has been exploring the great outdoors since 1920. But the university ordered a risk assessment on the club, and decided it's simply too dangerous.  The school says the groups trips take place in remote areas with poor cell service and they're usually far from any emergency services.  The clubs leaders say no one ever consulted them. So the outdoor club no longer be allowed outdoors isn't fake news after all.

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