Was that fake? Did Rick Perry says fossil fuels stop rape?

Did our former governor, Rick Perry, say fossil fuels would stop rape? It all depends how you take his comment. At an energy policy chat, Perry talked about his recent trip to Africa, and needing fossil fuels to get power to remote villages. He then turned to sexual assault saying turning on lights would help stop it. Because "when you have light, that shines the righteousness... If you will... On those types of acts." So, is it fake? Well he did say it, but some argue critics are misconnecting the dots. The Department of Energy says Perry was just highlighting how electricity improves lives.

A lot of people have been asking, "Is the Department of Defense really planning a nationwide power outage in November for a special test?" No, they're not. The American Radio Relay League posted about a scheduled training exercise that would impact the national power grid and all communication -- like landlines, cellphones, internet. Basically simulating a worst-case emergency scenario and seeing if they can use amateur radio to communicate. Conspiracy sites picked it up and started the confusion. But there won't actually be a blackout. In a Facebook post comment on the Army Military Auxiliary Radio System page, they clarify this will only be a simulation. They say they don't have the authority to actually touch the grid.

Next: "company gives extra days off to employees who don't smoke". Is it fake? Nope. This one's real. Employees at a company in Tokyo complained that people who took smoke breaks did less work, saying those five minute breaks add up. So the company is offering non-smokers six extra days off, but it's not enticing smokers. Since making the offer, only four of the 42 smokers on staff gave it up.

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