Was That Fake? - church shooting hoaxes

Because there are people who take advantage of mass tragedies as a chance to spread hoax stories, there is a need to squash a few of them.

Among the hoaxes was a fake profile page. It started getting a lot of attention, but your first clue is it is a page and not a profile. The second clue is how things were being posted after the shooting was reported.
It is highly unlikely that the shooter, who himself was wounded, paused while being chased down to post a photo of his gun. Was That Fake? Indeed so.

Some people are saying the shooter was linked to Antifa, an anti-facist group somewhat known for violent and aggresive protests. Was That Fake? At this point, yes, based on police reports. They say the motive was not political, but more than likely, a domestic feud. He had sent treatening text messages to his mother-in-law, who attended the church where the shooting was reported.

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