Was that fake? - Car takes the stairs

Was that fake?

This week, student David Hogg is being scrutinized for a hand gesture. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student has been on the front lines of the advocacy coming from students since the shooting. He spoke at last week's March for Our Lives and was notably animated in his presentation. At one point, he put up his arm with a fist at the end of the speech. We've gotten questions about a number of posts that are comparing this gesture to a Nazi salute. So first thing -- is this picture fake? No. David Hogg did raise a closed fist at the end of his speech.  But his hand gesture is not the Nazi salute, which would be an open hand with palm facing down. Still, people are saying 'close enough'.  But as a Snopes image shows, Hogg is far from the first person to make a similar gesture in American politics. Politicians from several political parties have made similar gestures.


Was that fake?

Did an Uber driver take the stairs while driving? It’s not something you see every day. And yes, this one is real. The California Uber driver says the ride sharing app's navigation system told him to, so he did. Looks like he had to take a sidewalk to get there. He was driving two passengers through San Francisco at the time on his way to pick up a third. Thankfully, no one was hurt. It took more than an hour to remove the car.

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