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Was that fake?

Did police get called because a kid said a math symbol looked like a gun? This has to do with the square root symbol. The Miami Herald published an article with the headline, “students in Louisiana thought this math symbol looked like a gun, police were called”. Is it fake? No, but this is a case where it’s key to read beyond the headline. Apparently a group of students were discussing the similarities between the symbol and a gun, when police said one of them said something that, out of context, could have sounded like a threat. So, they searched his home. They did not find any guns or evidence that he wanted to hurt anyone. So, it was less the symbol itself and more the nature of the student’s comments that led to police getting involved.

Was that fake?

Is the U.S. military planning on doing a nationwide confiscation of guns? This blog post being shared takes you to an article that claims the military has top secret plans to round up large numbers of privately owned firearms. Is it fake? Yes. This post was first shared back in 2013, but it often pops up again after a mass shooting. Website that created the post even has a disclaimer that reads, “no content should be regarded as truthful.”

Was that fake?

Are airlines going to charge more based on who you are? Reports going around are saying they will use your IP address to know what kind of person you are, and set prices accordingly. Is it fake? No, but it’s not entirely what you might think. This seems to mostly impact business travelers, who will see higher prices. If you’re a leisure flyer or frequent flyer, this will give you better rates.

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