Video shows La Porte police pull woman from Fred Hartman Bridge

- Dashboard camera video shows La Porte police speaking to a woman whose legs were over the outside rail of the Fred Hartman Bridge and pulling her to safety.

The video, captured on Friday, May 25, shows Officer Chad Burnett speaking for awhile to the woman sitting on the rail while Officer ChristopherCargile and C. Forsythe rush in to grab her and safely pull her onto the shoulder of State Highway 146.

“I was speaking to her and trying to get her to talk to me," says patrol officer Burnett. "She kept shaking her head 'no,' telling me 'no.' "I could see that she was crying and kind of inching closer as we got closer to jumping as we got closer to her, so that’s when I stopped and was just trying to talk to her and get her attention that’s when Officer Cargile and Officer Forsyth came up behind her and grabbed her and pulled her to safety.”

“At first, I didn’t even know that Officer Forsyth was behind me and I actually turned around and saw him speeding up his walk to get to me and that’s when I looked at him and said, 'Hey, let’s grab her and pull her back,' and he kind of looked at me and nodded and you can see in the video, I start to move in then he moved quicker and it was perfect timing we grabbed her at the same exact time.”
Someone had contacted 911 and notified the La Porte Police Department communications center of the woman sitting on the outer section of the bridge. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment.
The La Porte Police Department wants to let people know that if you are ever feeling lonely or sad, there’s always someone you can talk to including police officers. 
“There’s always help out there, be it a friend, be it a professional counselor, be it the crisis hotline, just reach out to somebody," adds patrol officer Cargile. "There’s always options.”
If you ever need help, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is free and always open at 1-800-273-8255.
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