Vehicle break-ins becoming all too common at businesses along I-10

- The theft of 8 weapons from a Waller County Sheriff's vehicle, along the Katy Freeway, highlighted an ongoing problem on that stretch of Interstate 10. Vehicle breakins are all too common, and working surveillance cameras are all too few.

"Smash. Grab. Go." says Lt. Mitch Hutter with Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office, explaining that break ins happen in seconds. "There are more car break-ins than most any other crime there is, because of the fact that it is so easy to do."

If you want an illustration, just go to You will see that, so far in December, nearly half of the 45 vehicle break-ins that took place between Barker Cypress and the Grand Parkway, took place at businesses with a Katy Freeway address.

Car burglary victims find out that law enforcement is having a hard time catching the bad guys in many of these incidents.

"Sherri" wrote, on the Katy Crime Facebook page, that her husband's truck was broken into in the Chuy's restaurant parking lot on the same night another vehicle had been broken into.  She say they were told car burglaries happen all the time at that location, because neither Chuy's nor the neighboring Olive Garden, have security cameras.

Hutter says surveillance cameras are key to making arrests, and recovering stolen property.

"With good video, almost all the time we're able to catch somebody," Lt. Hutter says.

Olive Garden's manager told Fox26 he could not comment on the matter, but Chuy's told Fox26 it was doing something about it. The manager said security cameras would be installed in the near future, but he also asked that we remind people not to leave valuables in their car, in plain site.

Hutter completely agrees.

"Prevention on the part of the car owner is going to be the best way for us to be able to cut down on car break-ins."

But security video is what's needed after a break-in, and that's one of the reasons it will be hard to track down the theives who stole 8 weapons from the Waller County Sheriff's vehicle.  There were no working surveillance cameras at the Salt Grass Steak House along I-10 near Mason Road.

Some residents in the Katy area a concerned enough to say they will not risk going to a business that does not have working security cameras.

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