Tales of tainted alcohol prompts State Department to issue travel warning for Mexico

- With Mexico as a neighbor, many Houstonians routinely go to Cancun, Cozumel or other popular resort towns for a little R&R and fun in the sun.

“They do need to know the risks going in before they either book a trip to Mexico or before they go if they’ve already booked,” said Leah Napoliello with the Better Business Bureau.

If your idea of a vacation means sipping margaritas at the pool bar, the U.S. State Department has a warning you need to heed.

“There have been many reports of black outs, people getting very sick drinking the alcohol,” Napoliello said. “There’s even some deaths unfortunately.”

Even without the State Department’s travel warning just a little Google search might have many folks saying adios to the thought of a Mexican vacation.

Report after report tells horror stories of U.S. citizens thinking their drinks were drugged causing them to become violently ill or completely blacking out.

“It can be very frightening,” Napoliello said. “You’re in a foreign country, you’re very sick, and you don’t know what exactly has happened to you.”

This isn’t happening at flea bag motels in small border towns. The tainted alcohol is being consumed at some of Mexico’s most popular high end, all-inclusive resorts.

“Luxury resorts have had this happen so even if you think you’ll be safe there you have to be cautious drinking even in luxury resorts as well,” Napoliello said.

There are even horror stories of people going to Mexican hospitals after drinking the tainted alcohol and being expected to hand over thousands in cash for payment.

The State Department is advising citizens who drink the tainted alcohol to contact the U.S. Embassy in Mexico immediately.

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