Update Hurricane Irma Wednesday Sept 6

I'm meteorologist John Dawson in the FOXRAD weather center, with the latest in the tropics. And there's a lot going on. Fortunately, none of it appears to want to impact the Texas coast, but enough of a U.S. impact that we need to cover a few things. This is going to be the latest information from 10:00 a.m., Wednesday.  Irma is a very strong category 5 hurricane, roaring on through the northern Caribbean, has made a couple landfalls. It doesn't look like a direct landfall in Puerto Rico, close enough, but powerful winds associated with that will be felt. Let me show you the computer models, to begin with on what the computers think that this is what Irma is going to do. You'll notice these tracks if you're ever you've been keeping up, this is a lot of different source, meandering further to the east of Florida, and so we'll have to wait and see if this is going to hold true. Sometimes the computer runs just kind of chew on some data and this is what they're putting out at the moment.

 Now, the forecast track from the National Hurricane Center is pretty close to that, except at the moment itis tracking a little bit further over to the west, and we'll see exactly where this is going to end up. What I really want to point out that we haven't been talking about very much so far, is the fact that these forecast tracks from the hurricane center are five-day tracks at the most. And look at the very end of this tract now, we're looking at a category 3 hurricane still impacting more than just Florida. We've been saying Florida a lot.

 But this is going to impact really the southeastern part of the  U.S. and at the moment, it does look like Florida is going to take the brunt of the firsthit. But notice, this is going to keep going. This is going to impact more states than just Florida. So, just wanted to touch on that briefly again. Currently 185 mile-per-hour sustained winds near that eye wall. If this tract were to hold steady, it looks like Sunday morning,  a category 4 hurricane somewhere towards the southern portions of Florida is where that tract is somewhat located.

So, still with a five-day tract, there's lots of opportunity for change. We do like to remind everyone to make sure you're looking at this entire forecast cone. Let's not get too focused on the very center of thec one, somewhere in this area, we do definitely expect to see that -- in five days from now, where Irma will be. Remember, it's going to keep going past this point. This is just the tract that goes out for five days. So, really the entire southeastern portions of the  U.S. are going to have to pay very close attention. Now, further out in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Jose,  is  following in behind Irma. And is going to have favorable conditions for development, and does look like it would develop into a category 2 hurricane, and depending on the steering currents, closer to the east coast, you can't rule out the possibility that it would also make some sort of an impact on the east coast.  


And the steering factors taking Irma up to the north would have a potential to affect Jose, as well. There was Irma, Jose, now we go to the k storm, and that's going to be Katia, the newest forming storm about Wednesday morning, 4:00 a.m., is when it was identified. And the front that's moving through the Texas area, in Houston, is going to block that from making a northern journey. So it's going to sort of circle around a little bit. I know this looks a little tight on the forecast tract here. But it is going to end up, eventually to the south, and going to make a Mexico landfall. So a little bit of an unusual tract for Katia, but because of that front that's moving through the Houston area, that's going to block what we're looking at as a potential at least for the impacting the Texas coast. So, back to Irma, this is our biggest concern, this is our immediate concern, not that it's coming to Texas, but definitely coming to the southeastern portions of the  U.S. it will make a landfall it appears this weekend, and of course we will keep you updated as necessary.

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