Tyler and Beaker--The Inseparable bond between a boy and his duck

- It's an unlikely friendship that's gaining fans all across the country. A little boy in Magnolia became best friends with a duck, and now the little boy's mom is documenting their special relationship for everyone to see.  

A toddler named Tyler and his pet duck, Beaker are melting hearts around the country with their
inseparable bond. There are ducks who know they're ducks, and there is Beaker, the duck. Beaker actually lives inside the young family home in an All-American subdivision in Magnolia with 2 1/2 yr-old Tyler, his mom and dad. 

The pair act like brothers. Tyler's mom says they are best friends. They eat breakfast together, they play together, they nap together.  They do everything together."  Tyler's dad brought Beaker home as a duckling when Tyler was a few months old. He went straight to the lap. their bond was instant. "He "imprinted" on Tyler, and we knew from that moment on he wouldn't leave his side." said Tyler's mom.  Tyler's mom documents the relationship online--a tale of a Boy and his Duck.

"The two splash in the bath and share puddles. There's no need for an alarm clock. Beaker is there to wake him up every morning. At night he tickles his feet while they watch cartoons. The short videos get thousands of views.i mean, who has a pet duck? i think it's the unique bond they have and thefact beaker is who he is."

For this family, nurturing the bond between Tyler and Beaker, the duck is well worth it.  "Is he your best friend? Yes..." Tyler and Beaker have an unbreakable bond.


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