Trump's anti-Muslim comments would hurt Houston economy

- Unless you've been under a rock your whole life, You know how important the oil industry is to the Houston area. Much of that oil lies in the Muslim world.  So banning Muslims from entering the country like Trump wants? Experts say it's a really, really bad idea.

"That's insane. There has to be a better way to do this." says Richard Slemaker of Energy Magazine.

Slemaker says there are one-quarter million Arabs in the greater Houston area. The ban could enrage many who live here. They might decide the climate is too hostile and leave, a concern echoed by others.

"My concern would be for the many fine Muslims who are here in Houston that work for all the majors and their contribution to the oil industry is pretty significant." says oil industry veteran William Drennen

Drennen say it could also enrage Muslim countries around the world.. That could hurt the oil indistry plus all the side business it supports. Slemaker agrees.

"The amount of tax is huge and I'm sure that Donald Trump or any of those candidates wouldn't want to lose that tax revenue and certainly wouldn't want to lose those jobs.. So I think it's a mistake."

But remember, this is Trump we are talkiing about.  He has become a political bomb thrower this eclection season. Did he propose the ban for real? Or is he just trying to get attention?

"I call it the silly season. Part of these guys are just grabbing headlines and they haven't thought through the entire ramifications of what they say." says Drennen

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