What do Trump supporters, opposition say to latest video leak

When members of the Latino Trump Coalition USA arrived for a scheduled show of support for their candidate Saturday, they were met by opposition, and a piñata.

"Why would they even support someone in the beginning who has this bad stigma for talking bad about women, Muslims, Mexicans..." asked Ximena Magana, one of the anti-Trump protesters who gathered Saturday afternoon.

The counter protesters say this is about people, not politicians. They displayed no signs supporting alternative candidates. Instead, they focused on opposing Donald Trump's candidacy for president.

On the other side of the road, Trump supporters gathered and voiced their support. The two sides went back and forth, while holding up signs for passing traffic. Anti-Trump protesters held up a piñata head of Donald Trump.

The gathering comes just a day after a video was released showing Trump making comments many have deemed lude and sexist. Leaders of his own party have voiced condemnation for the candidate in light of the video, with some like former GOP candidate Carly Fiorina going as far calling for Trump to step down from his candidacy.

Supports at Saturday's gathering said they don't plan to change their vote.

"I've said worse than that about men sometime in my life, and I'm 76" said Virginia Smith, who added Hillary Clinton's choice to stand by her husband during his White House scandal offends her more than Trump's words.

"I support Mr. Trump because of national security," explained Marri Valesquez, a member of the Latino Trump Coalition USA. "To me, that means more than anything in the world."

Trump supporter Julio Torres was offended by Trump's words, saying he does not agree with them nor will he apologize for the candidate's behavior. Yet he still feels Latinos should give Trump their vote come November.

"We've been voting democrat for 50 years, and for 50 years we've been in the hole, and so Donald Trump is giving us the hope of opportunity, of progress," said Torres.

On the other side, those against Trump believe his latest offense is the last straw.

"If this was one sin committed a decade ago that would be one thing," said Dr. David Michael Smith of the Houston Socialist Movement, "but this is a person who has slandered candidates for what they look like, criticized Megan Kelly in a grossly sexist way, calls women dogs and pigs and worse in some cases, so this is not an isolated incident, the man has not changed and he does not need to be president."

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