Flooding in Lake Charles from Tropical Storm Cindy landfall


Just beyond a "no trespassing do not enter" sign at the Lake Charles Yacht Club, boat owners are forced to walk through knee-deep water as a result of Tropical Storm Cindy's landfall in Lousiana. The weather system has since weakened into a tropical depression.


"Well, when the water goes down, we will just have a bit of cleaning up to do," says John Kalna, who arrived to the club to check on his boat on Thursday afternoon. "If your boat didn't get tore up or floated off or something, that's not too bad." 

"It was actually in pretty good shape," says boat owner James Latour. "Everything was still tied down and secure."

The last time Kalna says water reached such high levels was after hurricanes Ike and Rita. 


"We had about five or six feet of water in the clubhouse, so it was about up to here," describes Kalna.

"I see a lot of water," says yacht club social director Summer Rice. "This is the third highest tide on record. I'm not sure how far back the records go, but behind Rita and Ike, this is the third highest."


This storm, however, brought quite a large surge to Lake Charles. Water stood two-to-three feet deep, covering a beach almost 200 feet long.


"People walk around there all the time," says Andrew Martin, who wanted to view the flooding for himself. "There's never water right there. It's just scary all this water is out here and they say it's supposed to get worse than this." 

"We are thirty miles inland here and we had the same storm surge as they had on the coast," says Dick Gremillion, Calcasieu Parish director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

At one point, more than 1,500 people were without power on Thursday due to strong winds ranging from 20-to-40 mph.

"The effects of this is going to linger and of course we are expecting some heavy rain over the next few days and if this water doesn't go down here, that's going to cause some additional flooding," adds Gremillion.

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