Trailers to help shelters accommodate pets during distasters

If you are the kind of dog owner who will take your pooch to the park even when it's a million degrees out there, you know you wouldn't part with your pet come hell or high water.  Just ask Amir Pink about his buddy Luke.

"No, I'm not. Never. That’s my son. So I've got to take him everywhere I go," Pink says.

You’ll hear that a lot from pet owners.  It can be a life or death choice for everyone involved. We saw it during Harvey when authorities struggled to come up with places to put evacuated pets. Thousands of them. Even before Harvey, Katrina hit Louisiana so hard it actually changed the laws here.  

"At least in Texas now if your pet is being evacuated to a public shelter like the George R. Brown they must accept your pet. You don't want loose pets running around the GRB,” said Tom Pincus with the Houston Kennel Club.

So to help shelters accommodate those pets, the American and Houston Kennel Clubs and the K9 Health Foundation have come up with these trailers packed with all kinds of goodies. Seventy folding crates, a generator as well as cleaning and medical supplies. They even have an ID chip scanner.

"Everything we need is in here. It's quick and this truck can go,"  said Corey Steele with the Harris County Animal Shelter.

There are 90 such trailers nationwide, but two are based at the Harris County Animal Shelter. Not only are they donated, when the supplies run out the Kennel Clubs will replenish them. It will only cost the taxpayers the money to move them and set them up. That's it. They can go pretty much anywhere in Southeast Texas -- wherever disaster strikes. But as great as they are, everyone including Amir and Luke hope they're never needed.

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