Tornado hits Livingston, storm damage also in Houston

Fox 26 viewers captured video of a tornado that hit in Livingston Saturday afternoon.
Owners at W & W Security Storage say that their building was hit. The facility off highway 190 had 14 climate controlled storage units inside.
"We actually have a personal unit in there ourselves, we actually lost half of or stuff, I've tried to make contact with everyone else to probably let them know their stuff is going to be ruined, just devastation and thanking God no one was hurt", says Brett Foisie who owns the company with his wife and her family.
Saturday's storm also brought damage to one home in Houston. Ina Chambers woke up from a nap to find lightning had hit her house.

"The lightning made a big sound and it was thundering and mom was asleep and so I got some lighters and was turning them on by battery and after I turned the lighters on I started smelling some smoke and I knew I hadn't lit nothing", says Chambers.

Houston Fire Department officials say power lines and a tree hitting the home were the cause of the fire that hit the home in the 300 block of Cartersville.

"It appears that a tree had blown over on a power line shorting out somewhere along the lines and created a fire in the attic", says captain Anthony Riggens.

Inside the room that was hit by the tree, was Rachelle Chambers 94 year old grandmother.

"Grandma was in her room asleep which is right where the tree landed because it hit the power line and landed on the house and that still didn't wake grandma up", says Rachelle Chambers.

"Whenever storms blow threw we get busier with lightening strikes and power outages, that is why Center Point is taking a little while, I'm sure they are real busy with it", says Riggens.


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