Tornado hits homes in Bridlewood Estates

- Some residents in Rosenberg are still cleaning up after a tornado hit the Bridlewood Estates Subdivision damaging several homes.  A two story garage was destroyed and the entire neighborhood went dark for hours.

"The power kind of went down like that transformer sound when it goes down,” explains Lisa Reyes.

"Then the power went out.  I thought let me go get some flashlights.  That’s when I opened the bathroom door and I heard that roar, like they say a freight train.  I said 'oh my God.'  I shut the bathroom door.  I said 'no it’s here,'” says Reyes’ mom Kerry Dunford.

Many are still shaken after surviving a tornado.  "We heard little things, the wind picking up, the wind hitting the house.  Then it became that train sound,” explains Dunford and Reyes.

On Valentine’s morning, Mother Nature didn’t show much love, sending a tornado barreling down destroying a silo sitting on the edge of Bridlewood Estates and rattling even the toughest residents.  "It was absolutely terrifying”.   When Reyes and her mom heard the twister storming straight toward their house they ran to take cover in the bathroom.

“She starts screaming at me.  She’s like get in the bathtub.  Get in the bathtub,” adds Reyes.

“I had already grabbed some big cushions and I just threw those on top of her,” says Dunford.

”That’s when it got really loud, vibration, like that train piercing noise and then you just felt the air go out of the house.  You could hear it leave the pipes like that whooo sucking noise and my ears popped really bad,” explains Reyes. 

“We could hear that noise like it was sucking the air out of the bathroom pipes.  It’s like a whirling noise,” Dunford adds.

“I was texting my brother and my husband the whole time because I was afraid something was going to happen and nobody would know,” says Reyes with tears in her eyes.  “Now I’m going to cry.  I hate crying,” she says.  "I started my day, Valentine’s Day, with my daughter.  I dropped her off at school and then I come over to my mom’s and it’s like holy cow this is not what I was anticipating for the day,” says Reyes.

The mother and daughter walked outside after the twister stormed away finding the Markle family’s two-story workshop destroyed.  All the tools, the new Porsche, camper and motorcycles are now in piles strewn across the yard in a mangled mess.

”All the trees, it cut right through and bullseye hit the shop right there.  I can’t believe it.  We were at work when they issued the tornado warning.  So when we came out to see it, it’s like oh my gosh,” explains Keira Markle.

“It’s very frightening.  It’s not something you ever want to do again,” says Dunford whose home is left with thousands of dollars in damages, from the ripped up roof to broken windows but she says her focus is on no one being injured.  “Thanks to God.  His good grace, we’re still alive.   Everything else can be replaced”.

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