Threat of terrorism spurs gun sales

- Gun sales are booming across the country after the recent terror attacks and threats of stricter gun laws. 

The FBI is on pace to process more background checks this year than ever before. 

Tomball's Donna Wojasinski has been around guns her entire life, but she's never owned one.  Until now. 

"Just very concerned at what things have come to," said the 60-year-old grandmother.  “Terrorism, it's in our backyard, it's here.  I'm afraid it might spread like a wildfire,” she said.

Concerned about recent mass shootings, she wants to protect herself and her family. 

“With terrorism in the world you just never know when you step outside your door or even stay inside your home what's going to happen,” said Wojasinski.

Spring Guns & Ammo has seen at least a 20-percent increase in sales since the San Bernardino massacre a week ago. That's on top of the already high holiday sales. 

“People are curious more than they've ever been,” said Director of Operations Patrick Woods. 

He says many customers are worried about the threat of an attack here. 

“Of course we live in Houston where the oil and gas industry being what it is, it is a viable possibility that there could be an attack in Houston,” said Woods.

Tim Wylie is buying a gun for his wife. After years of considering it, she's finally ready to get a CHL. 

“Recent events in our country have finally put her over-the-top.  It's always freaked her out, but it now freaks her out more to not have an extra line of defense to feel safe,” said Wylie.

Add to that, President Obama's continued push for tighter gun laws, and the gun business is booming. 

“They are nervous, they want to get a hold of AR’s and high-capacity handguns, things they think might be subject to some type of change in law,” said Woods. 

While others like Donna, just want to stay safe. 

“I refuse to be a victim,” she said.

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