The movie "Concussion" sparks debate in Houston

- A movie set to come out Christmas Day has sparked a lot to controversy. Saturday evening, the doctor the movie Concussion is based on was in Houston for a screening. FOX 26 spoke with the infamous Dr. Bennet Omalu who took on the NFL and discovered CTE, a football related brain trauma caused by repeated concussions. He says the movie is about the truth.

One of the most versatile actors, Will Smith, plays the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu in the soon-to-hit theaters movie Concussion. We asked Dr. Omalu himself why CTE continues to be such a hot topic.

"The fundamental truth about bruises to the head, is that there is nothing like a safe blow to the head, just like there's nothing like a safe cigarette. This is not anti-football. Whatever human activity there's a significant risk of permanent brain damage," Dr. Omalu said.

The film captures the emotional struggle of NFL star Dave Duerson, who himself suffered from CTE.

"He chose to shoot himself in the heart--preserve his brain for the study of CTE and that says even at the time of death his concern was for others," Adewale Akinnuoye-Abaje, who plays the football player said.

It's a message that resonates with FOX 26 General Manager D'Artagnan Bebel who joined his family at the screening.

"This is a classic David and Goliath kind of story. It's a doctor from the continent of Africa, came over here and took on the NFL," Bebel said, "I'm kind of torn as a former high school athlete. I love the sport in which FOX partakes in."

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