Inappropriate Halloween costumes: Where should the line be drawn?

Here at FOX 26 every year, Isiah Carey get emails and tagged in social media posts showing examples of racially insensitive people in their Halloween costumes. Just recently there were white people dressed as pilgrims in a classroom with a little black girl with what appeared to be a leash on her. Was she a slave?  It just looked bad... Even though it was a re-enactment showing how toddlers in 17th century Europe were placed on leashes so that parents wouldn't lose them, it still enraged people. But it’s not just costumes but also home decorations. If viewers see a dummy hanging from a tree with a noose they assume it's lynching, and it happens a lot. Are we too sensitive or should others like the Native American be respected and should the costumes of them be banned?

On the Factor to talk about the fine line in between appropriate and inappropriate costumes is radio host and comedian Rudy Rush.

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