The Future is Now! - Spotify on Apple Watch

The Future Is Now!

It’s a future where robots are adapting in real-time. Video of a reconfigurable robot from Cornell University research shows the robot roll up to some steps, realize he’s too wide, ditch some side pieces to fit, and then carry on.


The Future Is Now!

It’s a future of robo-insects – or at least robots the size of insects. A robo-fly created at the University of Washington is pretty much the first flying robo-insect to be wireless. It’s powered by a laser beam. Investors say it’s cheap to make, can go in tight spots and potentially do stuff bigger drones can’t.


The Future Is Now!

Welcome to a future where you can finally control Spotify from your Apple Watch. It’s still in Beta version, but those who have tested it out say it has everything you’d hope it would – the ability to pick playlists, skip songs, pause, and throw the music onto your smart speakers. No word when it will go public. The streaming service is now up to 87 million subscribers.

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