The Breakdown - White House immigration proposition

Everyone is talking about President Donald Trump's new immigration policy proposal. Some are calling it a nightmare while others are calling it the answer.

To form an opinion, you have to know the contents of the proposal. In a letter to lawmakers, the President says it is not any president's prerogative to set immigration policy. That's the job of Congress, which is why he dropped President Barack Obama's existing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and told legislators to determine new rules for children brought into the U.S. by undocumented immigrant parents. The White House added on Sunday a long list of desired immigration changes they want dealt with also.

What has The White House decided must be included in proper immigration reform?

First, new tools. The White House wants to fund the border wall, hire some 10,000 immigration officers and create a digital system for employers to verify immigration status.

Next, new rules on who can and cannot enter the U.S. That means no criminals, higher standards for asylum, and unaccompanied minors whose parents aren't abusive or neglectful will have to return to their parents' custody.

Faster processing is desired for everything from asylum applications to deportations.

Also, The White House seeks harsher penalties for breaking rules, whether that means overstaying a visa, hiring someone without legal status, abusing the visa or asylum program, committing crime or coming back in after being deported for a crime.

The White House wants states to partner on immigration and to make detaining someone easier to do. And if a city offers sanctuary, they want to impose federal economic sanctions.

Perhaps most notably, President Trump wants merit-based immigration. Family-based green cards would only go to spouses and underaged children. Others would have to earn merit points that show they can assimilate and support themselves in the U.S.

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